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This documentary is an inspiring story about second chances. The story of Josh and Debbs and how their family adopted a nearly dead homeless newborn.

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[ddet Transcript of Abortion]

May 17, 2010
Proverbs 18:17

EARS TO HEAR is the radio ministry of FAMILIES. BY GOD. For EARS TO HEAR, here’s Tim Glisson.

Why is it that a 14 year old girl in this country needs to have her parents consent to go to counseling but not to get an abortion?

Whoever is passing these laws is doing us and themselves a great disservice.

We wisely don’t trust 14 year old girls to deal with the responsibilities of driving cars, or voting, we’ll barely let them baby-sit without a mass of rules and regulations, but we’ll give them complete authority to kill their babies?

And it doesn’t matter how many of our nation’s abortions have been committed by teenagers, one is too many. The point is that anyone who doesn’t stand up and scream literally bloody murder is committing two sins: first as an accomplice to murder, and two child abuse of the girls.

People regret having abortions: it’s really that simple. And all around the country programs are popping up to help deal with grief, repentance, healing and restoration: Project Rachel in Florida, Hope and Healing in Illinois, as well as Listen and Heal right here in New York State.

Sadly enough an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Proverbs 18:17 tells us that any story sounds true until someone sets the record straight. So if the Body of Christ – you and me – doesn’t set the record straight about the lies of abortion, who will?

If you have EARS to HEAR the cry of the child, please visit our website at For EARS TO HEAR, I’m Tim Glisson.


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