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This documentary is an inspiring story about second chances. The story of Josh and Debbs and how their family adopted a nearly dead homeless newborn.

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[ddet Transcript of Meekness]

May 4, 2010
Timothy 1:7

EARS TO HEAR is the radio ministry of FAMILIES. BY GOD. For EARS TO HEAR, here’s Tim Glisson.

Meekness is often mistaken for weaknesses. To most meek means spineless, cowardly, or timid. Not attractive words to describe a man, less so if that man is you. Yet, meek men are exactly what this world needs more of.

Consider the modern version of a strong man: Champions of Industry who prefer their work over their families; The Independent Man who can’t be tied down but is happy to spawn a family and run; or The Humanist who’s world-view begins and ends with himself, arrogantly confident that the whole notion of God is only for the “meek”.

Contrast this with the Bible, which describes two of the toughest alpha males to ever roam the earth, Moses and Jesus, as meek.

Jesus himself used the term. But when he said the meek shall inherit the earth, he wasn’t thinking of poor, pathetic, weeping souls, but rather wild stallions whose power would be harnessed by Christ himself for great and mighty things. To powerfully love and protect their wives. To powerfully raise and teach their children. To powerfully care for the poor, the oppressed, the orphans, and the widows.

Timothy 1:7 says that “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

Men need to be meek. Raw power harnessed by Christ.

If you’re willing to be a meek man, please visit our website at For EARS TO HEAR, I’m Tim Glisson.


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