Isaiah’s Story

This documentary is an inspiring story about second chances. The story of Josh and Debbs and how their family adopted a nearly dead homeless newborn.

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National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

[ddet Transcript of National Day of Prayer]

May 6, 2010
National Day of Prayer
Malachi 4:6

EARS TO HEAR is the radio ministry of FAMILIES. BY GOD. For EARS TO HEAR, here’s Tim Glisson.

The Bible is crystal clear in its calling for all believers to pass on their faith to their children. Psalm 78 composes it; Exodus 10:2 commands it; while Deuteronomy 4:9 confirms it: “tell in the ears of thy son, and of they son’s son, the signs I have done that ye may know I am Lord”.

Father’s teach your children well or like the Ehiopian prince Phillip encountered in the book of Acts “how would I understand if no one has taught me?”

Unfortunately that’s where the devil is defeating America these days. Increasingly men in the U.S. are abdicating their God given role of shepherd at rates far too rapid. The number of single mother heads of households has tripled in one generation. Government programs have only served to enable this unfortunate trend, and society has dropped the bar for manhood so low one only has to fall down to get over it.

The measure of a man should never be taken in the job he has, car he drives, race he runs, nor even in the number of children spawned. No the measure of a man in any generation should be his love of the Lord; and whether he passes that on to his children.

On this day of National Prayer won’t you please join us in petitioning God to return the hearts of fathers everywhere to their children lest God come and smite the earth with a curse.

If you have EARS to HEAR God’s heart for His children, please visit our website at For EARS TO HEAR, I’m Tim Glisson.


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