Isaiah’s Story

This documentary is an inspiring story about second chances. The story of Josh and Debbs and how their family adopted a nearly dead homeless newborn.

Produced for WoodsEdge Community Church.


Senior Bible Study

Senior Bible Study

[ddet Transcript of Senior Bible Study]

There’s a marvelous painting in the lobby of a nursing home I recently had the privilege of visiting.

It depicts an elderly gentleman sitting in a rocking chair reading his Bible to a group of children.

As I stopped to look at it, amazed to see such a stark admission of Faith in a publicly supported facility, I couldn’t help but think “I don’t care what the mission statement of this home reads, whoever put up this painting not only knows God, but also understands His design for the family”.

God’s word is very clear about the role of Christians as they age. Teach; your children, and your children’s children; about God.

The book of Joel begins “Hear this ye old men, and give ear, hath this been in your days or even in the days of your fathers? Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation”.

Deuteronomy six echoes this message, as does Joshua two and four. The Psalmist sings the message, Paul preaches it and the wise man of Proverbs cries it out.

Those who are old still have an assignment. Wouldn’t it be great if senior centers and nursing homes all around the world were holding Bible studies every day – led by residents for its visitors– teaching your children, and mine, all about Jesus.

That’s the picture hanging in at least one nursing home: and that’s the picture the Bible paints.


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